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Amiable Credit Control is owned by Steve Felton who has over 40 years’ experience in credit controlling, budgeting, staffing and bookkeeping as a Company Director.

“Tight credit control is necessary across all industries, from sole trader to PLC. I gained my experience in the Film and Television industry where I had very few bad debts whilst maintaining good relationships with clients. I aim to bring you a similar success rate, within whichever field you trade”

Sound Design Company website:

Steve says

“I understand the headaches of credit control. My experiences range from Sole Trader to 50+ employee businesses. I understand that one bad debtor can cause chaos and will do all I can to help prevent that"

We work for a discounted half or full day rate, or a "5 Minute Bite" Service from just £3 + VAT. ​Based in Somerset, we use phone, email, text, WhatsApp and Messenger to regulate payment timelines and keep you informed with progress.

"Clients don't mean to pay late, if they aren't asked it's easy for them to *forget* and

keep the money in their account" 

Need help with a problem invoice?

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